I work with people who want more peace and ease, people who are experiencing anxiety, or are going through a challenging life experience.  My clients receive plenty of tools for getting to a place of deep comfort and calm every day, so they can enjoy greater resourcefulness, resilience and deep, nourishing sleep. 

I support people who are in recovery. Addiction can be very complex and often a symptom of  deeper under-lying stresses. We work to create and strengthen healthy boundaries, have more self compassion, transform shame, heal the past, grow their resilience, and support the realization of a healthy future.

I help people to enjoy their fullest success.  When you get clear about what you want in a deep and true way, and then imagine what it's gonna feel like when you get there, something profound happens that makes this success come more easily.  I offer one on one sessions, as well as vision boarding workshops, to support individuals, groups and businesses to benefit from these powerful tools for success.

I offer tools for healing from chronic fatigue.  Having struggled with CF for a few years, I found some effective methods for coming back to good health, including diet, NLP and guided imagery.  Please email me to join our Chronic Fatigue Healing Lab.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural process that involves dropping under the chatter of your conscious mind to access your inner self and the wisdom of your subconscious. It's kinda like becoming absorbed in a good book, or having a moment of clarity and insight while relaxing on vacation.  The process is very gentle and easy, and you are completely in control.  Clients say they find their sessions relaxing and pleasant and feel great afterwards.  And, even though the work is gentle, the change that follows will often be long-lasting and very meaningful.  Like finding a short cut on your drive back home–it can happen quickly and seem effortless, you just take the new road and never look back– but still, it changes your life.  Clients report noticing easy, natural and profound changes in their lives after a session.

I practice modern, mindfulness-based hypnotherapy.
I work in person at my office in Kihei, Maui, Hawai'i. 
And internationally, on the phone/skype/zoom.

If you'd like to talk, I offer a no-charge 15 min phone consultation. 
Please feel free to call +1 808 276 4911.
Or email me using the contact page.

Thank you!
Kind wishes and aloha,


"She brings you in and allows you to be the one in control of your own healing. I have nothing but absolute praise for her and her work in hypnotherapy."

Anonymous, Kihei.



About Rachel Davies


Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies studied at the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, which specializes in a modern, mindfulness-based, holistic approach.

She enjoys speaking peacefully, and to this end has studied and practiced non-violent communication for several years. She lived at the extraordinary Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California for two years, studying gestalt, reiki, shiatsu, meditation, dance, creative practice, all the while living in community and making much loved, extravagant desserts for everyone on Saturday nights. Prior to this she spent a couple of decades working as a writer and film maker in New Zealand. She has done a lot of her own personal work, particularly years of hitting cushions with a stick while doing bioenergetic psychotherapy, which she loves and credits (alongside hypnotherapy) for much of her healing.  She is often told she looks young for her 47 years.

Hypnosis intrigued her early on and, as a child, she learned to hypnotize herself from books. Once she awoke, slumped in the back seat of a stationary bus parked at the depot, dribbling, staring at an instruction manual for self hypnosis. She has been more careful since then.

She feels very grateful to have lived on Maui for five years now. She brings a wealth of creative and embodied experience to her work as a hypnotherapist, along with a gentle, warm energy and playful sense of humor. 

"She makes me feel so comfortable during our sessions and I can really tell that she is genuinely supporting me in my journey of growth."

Anonymous, Kihei.



Regular Appointment
$70 (50 minute session)

Initial Appointment
$90 (75 minute session)

Cancellation Fee
$25 (cancellation with less than 48 hours notice)

10% discount on packages of 3, 6 or 10 sessions
(bought in advance, non-refundable, packages expire within a year of purchase)



"During the race I definitely felt comfortable and fast, exactly how I wanted! I beat my time from last year, so I'm totally stoked with the results."

Anonymous, Wailea.