Davies is a board certified hypnotherapist, trained under Rochelle Jaffe at her modern, mindfulness-based Ashland School in Oregon. She regularly adds to her study in both hypnotherapy and complimentary modalities like NLP, NVC and mindful self-compassion with various international trainings, as well as ongoing clinical supervision.
She returned to NZ last year, leaving her role as Lead Therapist at a boutique, residential drug and alcohol treatment center on Maui, where she focused on supporting the healing of trauma. She’s been studying and practicing non-violent communication for almost a decade, and teaches ongoing NVC workshops in Wellington. She called the legendary Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California home for three years. There she studied a broad range of healing arts with internationally renowned practitioners, including gestalt, hypnotherapy, reiki, shiatsu, NVC, meditation and creative practice, while doing a bit of yoga and making extravagant desserts for everyone on Saturday nights. She’s also done years of her own personal growth work in bioenergetic psychotherapy. Before all of this, she worked as a film maker and writer for a couple of decades in NZ.
The depth, richness and diversity of Davies' life experience and training allow her to offer a wealth of creative and embodied experience to her clients, along with a genuine kindness and sense of humour.

"From the moment I heard Rachel describe her understanding and role in hypnosis I knew she was someone I could trust." D. Koerner, Maui.