Welcome to the Chronic Fatigue Healing Lab!

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There's three main parts to this.

1. One on one work + support. Please book two appointments with me, one when you begin, and another a week later.  Also, you have daily 15 min call/text or email support for five days. Please make a time with me, and we'll check in daily.  On our first appointment we'll check in and get started. On the second we'll do an excellent NLP healing technique together that has proven very effective for shifting CF.

2. Diet. This's simplified version of the Medical Medium diet. Please do it the best you can for a week. If it's going to work for you, you should should start feeling better in that time.  Please also take the advice of your doctor, particularly if you're on medications. These dietary suggestions are not a substitute for medical advice.

3. Guided Imagery to support healing. Please use it as much as you like. This stuff can be very powerful.  You can download it and use it forever.


Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy



Bathing in Healing Light

Compassionate Body Scan


Easing Anxiety

Gift for the Journey

Soften Soothe Allow


Diet-The Important Stuff

The details


The details

Other nice ways to detox

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