Want more ease, connection, trust and understanding?

The words we choose can change how we feel, the quality of our relationships, and the wider world. They can connect us with more mutual understanding, life and joy.

In this one day workshop, you’ll learn fun, practical communication tools that will support you to have more ease and mutual success.

These simple and powerful tools come from Marshall Rosenberg’s life-changing NVC communication work. He was inspired by Gandhi, Parihaka and Martin Luther King’s legacy of non-violence, kindness and peace. (You can listen to Marshall talk about its origins here.)

Workshop participants say:

“This training is making radical changes to my life!” Loren Taylor, Wellington.

“If you would like to gain real insight into how to communicate effectively with all people and want to get your hands on some simple effective tools, then you should try NVC, it’s remarkable. I felt 100% comfortable and connected to everyone in the room.” Anna Cameron, Auckland

“It was a truly experiential training. Rachel is a skilled and experienced facilitator with knowledge in a vast range of modalities. This allows her to be extremely present with what is emerging in a group at any given time and respond from her intuition.”, Sarrah Jane, Wellington.

“I keep learning so much from NVC, I find it so helpful and it is just what I have needed and been looking for for ages.” Freya Davies, Wellington.

“Enriching, essential work that may well fill you with joy. More than helpful, the work of NVC feels essential. Throughout I felt 'I want to be communicating this way from now on.’” George White, Auckland.

Please feel free to email me if you’re out of Wellington, and would like to do a workshop in your area.



September, Sun 22
9.30am-4.30pm. Wgtn City, $125.

November, Sun 17
9.30am-4.30pm. Wgtn City, $125.

February, Sun16
9.30am-4.30pm. Wgtn City $125.