Want more peace, love and fun in the world?

Your communication choices can create more of this, right now.


I teach one-day Communication for Human’s workshops, Sunday’s in Wellington, Auckland, and around Aotearoa. In a safe, playful environment you’ll experience and explore the basics of Marshall Rosenberg’s life-changing nvc communication work. This work is inspired by Gandhi, Parihaka and Martin Luther King’s profound legacy of non-violence, kindness and peace. (You can listen to Marshall talk about its origins here.)


There are generally a lot of laughs, a-hah’s, and appreciation of the simplicity and efficacy of these phenomenal tools. People report more ease. More connection and fun. I often hear participants say they feel calmer and more resourced in conflict because they have this framework for how to handle things. Also more tools for being assertive—able to stand up for themselves in their integrity while honoring and valuing others needs. Participants describe nvc’s usefulness at work, in relationships, with kids, partners and inside their own selves. A recent participant texts, 
“Babes, today: so much ease. Buzzing off nvc and told my colleague about it. Used nvc a lot today and noticed this really cool difference in how everyone felt. Everyone opening up. Thanks so much. I feel at peace and gong to bed early! So happy xxxx”

Other participants say: “This training is making radical changes to my life!”

And, “I keep learning so much from NVC, I find it so helpful and it is just what I have needed and been looking for for ages.”

WHAT: A safe, playful environment to experience and explore communication choices and get more tools. 

WHEN: Sundays 9.30am-4.30-pm monthly in Wellington and other dates around Aotearoa.
WHO: Rachel Davies facilitates this workshop. More info about her here.
COST: 100 in Wellington, 125 elsewhere.
HOW: Please sign up for a workshop beneath. Or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

More feedback:

“Rachel’s clarity, kindness and love for the process made it an utterly rich experience.” Loren Taylor, Wellington.

“It was a truly experiential training. Rachel is a skilled and experienced facilitator with knowledge in a vast range of modalities. This allows her to be extremely present with what is emerging in a group at any given time and respond from her intuition.”, Sarrah Jane, Wellington.