Say Yes To You


This boutique, three hour, personal branding workshop supports you to access the gold of what you love and craft effective personal branding that comes from the heart. It’s facilitated by kick arse, equality-champions Double Denim in collaboration with Rachel Davies.

Participants say:

“The experience was so rich that I found it had an empowering aspect on many aspects of my life.”
“I walked away feeling great about myself.”
“If you want to do a deep dive into your mind and pull out a diamond.”

You’ll join a small number of other participants in this nurturing, safe, facilitated three hour experience. You’ll explore questions designed to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and find words to describe your work that feel joyful, natural, and attract the opportunities you want.  This is a workshop designed to help you surprise yourself, with one-on-one support from marketing whizzes Ange Meyer and/or Anna Dean and seasoned facilitator Rachel Davies. There are snacks, tea, laughs and take-home materials to supplement your experience.

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