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NVC Ongoing Practice Group
Weekly for peeps with some NVC skills. 90 min

NVC Basics Workshop
Sunday Feb 2019 9.30am-4.30pm
Cuba St, Wellington City
Would you like to have more tools for expressing yourself, navigating conflict, getting on with the people you love, hang out with, work with, find challenging? Participants say”

Nonviolent Communication (otherwise known as  NVC or Compassionate Communication) is a process that was developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s. Based on principles of nonviolence and the belief that we are essentially compassionate by nature,  NVC reminds us how uplifting it feels to authentically connect with ourselves and other human beings. It offers practical and powerful skills that enhance relationships and enrich life. In  NVC, we learn to identify and express our feelings and needs so that other people can more easily relate to us. It helps us make key differentiations between observing and judging, requesting and demanding, and gives us effective strategies for sharing our truth in a way that helps others listen. In turn, we learn ways to listen to others more deeply.

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Say Yes To You

Come join me and Double Denim to take a deep dive into what you really love, what you love doing, and how to talk about this in the world. A branding workshop with tonnes of heart, soul and integrity that participants describe as “just wanted to flick you a little email to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful contribution this weekend. Almost everyone from our group has made time to talk to me about how impactful your session was, and to thank me for bringing your into their lives in that way. They were all blown away by your empathy, kindness, and understanding, and several of them feel like they’ve had paradigm shifting break-throughs. I really honestly couldn’t be =
more thrilled about how it all went. Thank you so so so much.” Alix, Candlelit Pictures

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NVC Basics


Sweet Dreams is an hour-long workshop designed to support participants to get deeper, more restful, natural sleep every night. It includes a take-away goodie bag of aromatherapy, herbal sleep tea, top 10 sleep tips, and guided imagery for sleep.


Our vision boarding workshop supports participants to get clearer on their hopes and dreams for the future, and then bring them to life in technicolor vision boards. The workshop can be concluded with snacks or cocktails as participants share what they've made.


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Learn practical easy scientifically proven techniques for managing stress and returning to your cool and calm, regardless of whatever the f everyone else is doing.


Patti Sabla is a Maui-based psychotherapist & private coach who loves helping people reduce their stress and increase their happiness. She is the owner of Live Life Better, a Maui-based company that provides Time Management Seminars, Stress Reduction Workshops, and Private Coaching.

Rachel Davies is a mindfulness-based hypnotherapist practicing in Kihei.