Patti Sabla (Live Life Better) and Rachel Davies (Wild Intelligence) offer workshops on Maui.
Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like us to run a workshop for you or your event, workplace, school, etc.


Sweet Dreams is an hour-long workshop designed to support participants to get deeper, more restful, natural sleep every night. It includes a take-away goodie bag of aromatherapy, herbal sleep tea, top 10 sleep tips, and guided imagery for sleep.


Our vision boarding workshop supports participants to get clearer on their hopes and dreams for the future, and then bring them to life in technicolor vision boards. The workshop can be concluded with snacks or cocktails as participants share what they've made.


Patti Sabla is a Maui-based psychotherapist & private coach who loves helping people reduce their stress and increase their happiness. She is the owner of Live Life Better, a Maui-based company that provides Time Management Seminars, Stress Reduction Workshops, and Private Coaching.

Rachel Davies is a mindfulness-based hypnotherapist practicing in Kihei.