I work with people who are doing well, and want to be doing even better.

Using safe, modern, mindfulness-based hypnotherapy, enriched by neurolinguistic programming, mindful self-compassion and nonviolent communication, I support my clients to heal, grow and flourish by connecting them with their own resources and deeper selves. My work is practical, grounded, gentle and effective. The most common thing I hear my clients say is “You really listen to me”.

I’ve collaborated with and supported clients to do things like:

- achieve sporting success,
- fly in planes with ease,
- enjoy more abundance,
- release writers block,
- sleep better,
- have more confidence at work,
- have more mutual understanding with the people they care about,
- lessen dyslexia,
- loose weight,
- speed the healing of an injury,
- release grief,
- be kinder to themselves,
- prepare for successful surgery,
- let go of a phobia,
- have more ease while going through cancer treatment,
- refine and strengthen boundaries,
- get unstuck,
- ease anxiety,
- get clearer about important decisions,
- trust their creative process,
- step more fully into their success and power.

I facilitate group workshops in easing anxiety, success, abundance, and communication skills. I help high-functioning teams make fine-tuning tweaks to their mutual trust, communication and collaboration. And I provide communication tools and support for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers to create co-operative, resilient, diverse teams that people love being part of. I have board certification in hypnotherapy and professional level knowledge and skill in a wide variety of recognised, integrated therapeutic techniques.

“I experienced profound and lasting shifts after my hypno sessions, and found her NVC communication training utterly transformative and revelatory. I was unsure of hypnotherapy but in her hands I found it both practical and remarkable. I recommend her wholeheartedly." Loren Taylor, NZ.