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I help people know themselves more deeply and enjoy more of their natural happiness, ease and abundance.

Using safe, modern mindfulness-based practices that draw from mindful self-compassion (msc), nonviolent communication (nvc), neurolinguistic programming (nlp) and hypnotherapy, I support my clients to connect with their own resources and deeper selves. My work is practical, grounded, gentle and effective.

People who want to explore ways to be happier and achieve more of their potential come to see me. I offer them techniques to support healing from phobia, grief, injury, and other challenging experiences; as well as effective tools for easing anxiety; and support for releasing blocks to abundance, calm, joy and fuller expression of the authentic self. The most common thing I hear my clients say is “You really listen to me”.

I also offer group workshops in easing anxiety, success, abundance, and communication skills. I have board certification in hypnotherapy and professional level knowledge and skill in a wide variety of recognised, integrated therapeutic techniques.


"I was unsure of hypnotherapy but in Rachel’s hands I found it both practical and remarkable. I experienced profound and lasting shifts after my sessions."
Loren Taylor, NZ.