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I help people know themselves more deeply and rediscover more of their own happiness, ease and abundance.

I use natural, safe, modern mindfulness-based practices that draw from mindful self-compassion, nonviolent communication (nvc), neurolinguistic programming (nlp) and hypnotherapy. My work is practical, grounded, gentle and effective.

I work with visionaries, entrepreneurs, mothers, athletes, creatives, artists, business people, and lots of regular peeps. The most common thing I hear my clients say is “You really listen to me”.

I also offer workshops in easing anxiety, success, abundance, and communication skills. I have board certification in hypnotherapy and professional level knowledge and skill in a wide variety of recognised, integrated therapeutic techniques. I study with leading international practitioners regularly to further enrich my practice. I have over a decade of study and experience in the healing arts.


"I was unsure of hypnotherapy but in Rachel’s hands I found it both practical and remarkable. I experienced profound and lasting shifts after my sessions."
Loren Taylor, NZ.