Feedback from clients:

“If you want to do a deep dive into your mind and pull out a diamond.”
Anonymous participant, SAY YES TO YOU Workshop.

“I have worked with Rachel as therapist and as facilitator. I find her astute, authentic, empathetic, funny, warm and highly skilled. She holds the therapeutic space with clarity, sensitivity and depth. I experienced profound and lasting shifts after my hypno sessions, and found her NVC training utterly transformative and revelatory.  I was unsure of hypnotherapy but in her hands I found it both practical and remarkable. I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone with any issue of any scale.”
Loren Taylor, Wellington.

“Rachel is a very skilled facilitator with a sharp ear and kind heart in any process. She listens deeply and helps participants make powerful decisions towards improving their work structures, self-understanding and thought patterns. We work with Rachel as often as we can because she brings such calm expertise into our busy, growing organisation.”   Jo Randerson, Barbarian Productions. 

“She makes me feel so comfortable during our sessions and I can really tell that she is genuinely supporting me in my journey of growth. She makes every session connect with me on a personal level so I can really dig deep into my heart and heal. She doesn't force, or make you feel like you've got some kind of expectation to meet. She brings you in and allows you to be the one in control of your own healing. I have nothing but absolute praise for her and her work in hypnotherapy."
C, Maui.

“If you would like to gain real insight into how to communicate effectively with all people and want to get your hands on some simple effective tools, then you should try NVC (non-violent communication), it’s remarkable.”
Anna Cameron, Communication Workshop, Auckland.

"Having  been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer was terrifying. My mind was obsessed  with treatments, times, what to do, who to tell. My whole spirit and body seemed to shut down and depression weighed my heart down too. I was silent for about two weeks, distancing myself from my friends and family. I needed to reconstruct myself somehow and get out of the downward spiral of negativism. One by one, I told my closest friends, those who would support me and not gossip about me. This worked during the daytime, but what about going to bed and trying to calm myself to sleep? Music was ok, but my mind kept wandering, books were not so good, as I couldn't empathize with what seemed to be trivial plot lines. Then I discovered hypnotherapy with Rachel. She made me some guided imagery for sleep and so I took my ipad to bed, turned off the lights, made myself comfortable, and listened to her talking me through the visualization, calming my body from the soles of my feet to the tip of my head. Lots of times I drifted off to sleep before the session had ended, and this sleep was so deep and peaceful that I was thoroughly refreshed when I woke four or five hours later for a bathroom visit. Then back to sleep again until morning when I found to my delight that I was ready to face whatever the new day had for me. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone with sleep or anxiety issues. It calms both your body and mind, and doing it regularly gives you a great foundation to navigate the road that your body seems to have chosen for you."
Anonymous, New Zealand.

"From the moment I heard Rachel describe her understanding and role in hypnosis I knew she was someone I could trust. She continually confirmed that in how she arranged our schedules and in choosing our location. She had the insight to have me use a venue that was meaningful to me and worked for her.
       As our session started it was easy and comfortable to allow myself clearer access to aspects of myself that I want to be in touch with.  She guided me in journey that was truly fruitful. She also knew when to stop guiding and let me lead the journey. I appreciated that.
      After my session I could feel the orientation of my mind subtly shifting to the points and concepts we explored. This was/is a welcome relief to my usual scattered forays into my mind.  Mahalo, Rachel for your presence and help on my journey."
David Koerner, Konea Massage, Kihei.

"I was sure I couldn't be hypnotized but was desperate for some relief from migraines so I contacted Rachel.  In addition to being skeptical, I was nervous as well.  Rachel had such a calming presence that I immediately felt safe and at ease.  She walked me through each step of the relaxing process and before you know it our session was up.  I didn't feel as though I had been hypnotized.  However, when I listened to the recording of our session, there were huge chunks of dialogue I do not remember her saying.  Turns out I actually can be hypnotized!  The best part is my migraines have drastically decreased!  Thank you so much Rachel!" 
Patti Sabla, Kihei.

""Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for our session yesterday, it was really wonderful!!!  I can't believe how easily I was able to "tune-in" with your skillful guidance...amazing!  I know it really helped in my race this morning. Starting last night everything went really smooth based on our "rehearsal".  During the race I definitely felt comfortable and fast, exactly how I wanted!  I beat my time from last year, so I'm totally stoked with the results.  Can't tell you how much I appreciate you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love and gratitude."
Dana Naylor, Wailea.

"I wasn't sure what to expect as a first-time hypnotherapy client, but the session was really incredible for helping me move past a big, persistent problem I've been dealing with for a long time. Rachel is a solid, patient, and trustworthy guide, and she gave me insights I never would've reached on my own. Like seriously–it really feels like something actually changed and I'm so so grateful!"
Megan, Portland.

"I had the best possible experience. It was exactly as if I had a really good massage for like two hours. I got off the phone happy and a little dopey, drank a lot of water, was extremely productive and relaxed, and slept harder than I have in ages with very peaceful dreams. I haven't had really good body work in six months or more, and all the twisted up, worked into a tree parts of my body felt like they soaked it all up like magic. I really wasn't expecting such a physical reaction, I thought I was working on emotional or intellectual issues, and it was really a nice thing. I don't remember a lot about the session itself, it was also a bit like a massage I think, like I was kind of aware of you at work but mostly just relaxing. I really liked the way you introduced your session, I don't remember exactly what you said, but basically that there wasn't an outcome that would make the session "successful" or "unsuccessful" for you and there wasn't any particular way for me to respond to make you feel better about it? I wish I remembered what all you said, but it really settled my animal profoundly."
Sunny Maxwell, Oregon.

I had an injury that wasn't healing as fast as I would have liked.  Rachel mentioned she has a great healing method so I gave it a try.  The session was amazing!  I felt so safe and comfortable the whole time we worked together.  She was really easy to open up to and was completely genuine.  There was no judgment, just comfort.  Rachel's method helped me uncover underlying issues from my past that were unknowingly sabotaging my recovery.  It was amazing to learn how many negative subconscious connections I made regarding my injury.  It was not only a physically healing session but an emotionally healing one, too!  Thanks Rachel!
Patti Sabla, Live Life Better, Kihei.