Guided Imagery Resources for You

Please keep safe and listen to your guided imagery when you can relax for a bit, not when you're driving your jet plane or anything. Technically: there’s lots of ways to store and listen to these. I use a free iphone app called VLC that can play any kind of file, and download them onto there.
Hope you enjoy.  Kind wishes, Rachel


Easing Anxiety

For dissolving anxiety and replacing it with ease and comfort.  Great for a nap.  Great for listening to every day. Great for keeping calm, and soothing any medium to mild anxiety. Like my teacher says about anxiety " Strike while the iron is cold!"  i.e. do it while you still feel pretty relaxed, to keep you relaxed.



Bumper edition of all the relaxing stuff for a deep, nourishing sleep. The music has binaural delta beats to help you drop down even deeper, so if you can listen with headphones it'll make it more powerful. Great for getting sleep on an airplane.



This one's for feeling really spacious–inside and out, adapted from the deep rest addictions work of Scott Kiloby.


Wonderful Life

For orienting the mind to a positive future and attitude of optimism. Based on Richard Bandler's NLP work.


Gift For The Journey

Surround yourself with a protective cushion of all the love you've ever felt, then receive a gift from a trusted ally to support you going forward.


Links to some other favorite guided imagery out there

Support for healing trauma by Belleruth Naparstek
Mindful Self Compassion guided meditation by Dr. Kristin Neff--particularly "Soften Soothe Allow" if you have a high charge feeling, or feeling very anxious or distressed.
Managing Pain by Jon Kabat Zinn
Keys to Your Highest Potential by M Howard
various guided trances by Stephen Gilligan